Rosie's Belling M394 Microwave-Oven

This oven has an inaccurate oven temperature button (in Celsius). So I calibrated the top and the bottom with a Cooper’s oven thermometer and made this calculator. It tells you what to set to get a particular temperature (Fahrenheit, Celsius and Gas Mark) and vice versa. And it converts between the three temperature scales.

If the setting is shown as "Overshoots", then the oven will always rise to a higher temperature (about 135°C). You might be able to keep it cooler by interrupting the pre-heat or turning the oven on and off, but that could be time consuming and tricky.

If the setting is shown as "Can't", then the oven can't reach your desired temperature. Its maximum is about 218°C.

The Belling controls:


Press this button to use the Belling as a normal oven. You can put metal inside the Belling while in this mode.


When the Belling is expecting a temperature, this control sets it. The up and down arrows change the temperature setting up or down by 10 degree increments between 150 and 250 Celsius. If you go beyond an extreme, it goes to the other end of its scale.

The web page control does not exactly match the Belling control. This is because I wanted to keep the precise equivalences with Gas Marks and, to some extent, Fahrenheit.


Each time you press one of these button, you get an extra 10 minutes or one minute or 10 seconds.


There is a stop button too.